Trampoline Mat (Round Shape)

Trampoline Mat is the most important Part of a Trampoline, it's attached to the frame with the springs and provides the Jumping surface.

# SkyJumper Trampolines Mats are super-strong with burst strengths of 350 KGs per square inchare and made of Grade-A, UV protected, USA made permatron polypropylene.

# SkyJumper Trampolines Mats have 8 heavy-duty UV-resistant Nylon Thread stiches compared to 6 used by other brands.

# SkyJumper Trampolines Mats have 4 mm galvanized triangular v-rings for long life.

# SkyJumper Trampolines Mats are warranted for 1 year under fair usage.

Mat for Trampoline Sizes

Mini-Exercise trampolines

38 Inches
40 Inches
48 Inches
54 Inches
60 Inches

Big-Fun trampolines

6 Feet
8 Feet
10 Feet
12 Feet
14 Feet
16 Feet

  • Delhi Trampoline
  • Mumbai Trampoline
  • Banglore Trampoline
  • Chennai Trampoline
  • Gujrat Trampoline
  • NCR Trampoline