Trampoline Pole Foam/Sleeves

SkyJumper Enclosure Pole Foam are made of mildew-resistant, high-density foam. These sleeves are 44 inches long, 1 cm thick, with an inside diameter of 25 mm.

Please measure your enclosure poles to ensure that you order the correct number of Pole Foams. These foam sleeves are easily cut to fit any length of enclosure support pole making them useful for many different enclosure brands.

Pole Foam/Sleeves for Trampoline Sizes

6 Feet
8 Feet
10 Feet
12 Feet
14 Feet
16 Feet

  • Delhi Trampoline
  • Mumbai Trampoline
  • Banglore Trampoline
  • Chennai Trampoline
  • Gujrat Trampoline
  • NCR Trampoline