Trampoline Enclosure

Trampoline Safety enclosure is a MUST Part/accessory for trampolines bigger than 6 Feet. It includes netting with sleeves, Poles coved with safety Foam, plastic clumps & nuts. Our Safety Enclosure is Warranted for 1 Year conditional to fair usage.

165-180 cm high, open weave net is made from woven PE - the strong material to protect Child from falling off the Trampoline. The Safety Enclosure System is built around 6 & 12 pole support system. The poles are foam padded with black sleeves.

Our nets have superior tensile strength, durability and UV protection.

Poles are In/Out Galvanized and are made of 25 mm Diameter and 1.2 mm thick Tube.

Easily assembles with small hand tools, poles bolt onto trampoline, no cutting or drilling required.

Safety Enclosure Sizes:

Trampoline Size

# Poles & Enclosure Height


6 Feet

6 Poles, 165 cm High

8 Feet

6 Poles, 165 cm High

10 Feet

8 Poles, 180 cm High

12 Feet

8 Poles, 180 cm High

14 Feet

12 Poles, 180 cm High

16 Feet

12 Poles, 180 cm High

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  • Mumbai Trampoline
  • Banglore Trampoline
  • Chennai Trampoline
  • Gujrat Trampoline
  • NCR Trampoline