Trampoline Safety Pad

Trampoline Spring Pad provide the safety to the children from getting injured from accidently getting their foot stuck on springs.

SkyJumper Trampoline pads carry the best shock absorbent, high density, closed-cell foam which covers both frame and springs with 20 mm thick foam for maximum protection. The trampoline pads are 30 cm wide and overlap the edge of the black mat, leaving no gap.

# SkyJumper Trampoline Pads are made of PVC (Good material) both Top & Bottom, unlike other brands that use PVC on top but PE (Bad material) at bottom.

# SkyJumper Trampoline Pads have 20 mm closed cell (compared to 10-15 mm) that provides additional security and doesn't soak water.

# 1-year warranty covers defects in materials and worksmanship.

Trampoline Safety Pad Sizes

Big-Fun trampolines

6 Feet
8 Feet
10 Feet
12 Feet
14 Feet
16 Feet

  • Delhi Trampoline
  • Mumbai Trampoline
  • Banglore Trampoline
  • Chennai Trampoline
  • Gujrat Trampoline
  • NCR Trampoline