Safety Rules for getting 100 % out of your trampoline

Trampolining can be a lot of fun if the trampoline is used properly. At SkyJumper Trampolines we are offering the following list of precautions and guidelines so that trampoline accidents can be reduced, even eliminated. The following are a number of suggestions to help you enjoy your trampoline and reduce the risk of injury.
First and foremost it is very important to go through the safety instructions which will come along with your “You Love Trampoline” package.

We recommend no more than one person at a time on your trampoline, this eliminates the risk of collisions and reduces the risk of loss of control, falling off the trampoline, and landing improperly on the trampoline.

Learn the basic skills, including the ability to control your jumps before attempting more difficult maneuvers. Never attempt maneuvers that are beyond your skill level. Learn to stop your bounce first.

We recommend that you do not do any flips or somersaults on your backyard trampoline. Flips and somersaults increase the risk of landing on your head or neck, which could result in a head or neck injury.

Shoes must not be worn on the trampoline at any time. Watch for zippers or other sharp objects in pockets. Long hair should be tied back. Loose jewelry and hair barrettes can also cause injury.

Pushing, play fighting, and shoving must never be permitted on the trampoline.

Do NOT jump from anything higher than the trampoline onto the mat.

Never jump when there are people, pets or other objects under your trampoline.

Never jump on the frame pads. Remember to jump in the centre of the mat.

Never dismount from the trampoline by jumping from the mat to the ground. Doing so endangers both you and others standing nearby.

Do not pull yourself up by pulling on the frame pad.

Smaller children may need assistance to get on and off the trampoline. Do not use a hard object beside the trampoline for mounting or dismounting, use trampoline Ladder instead.

Never jump on your trampoline after consuming alcohol or drugs. Fatigue also increases risk of injury.

Never jump on your trampoline after dusk.

It is imperative that trampolines have frame pads to cover the springs. Make sure frame pads are properly fastened on the frame and cover the springs entirely, including the stitching on the mat, thus preventing any exposure to the springs.

The springs of the trampoline must face downward.

Make sure the trampoline is on a level surface.

Inspect your trampoline regularly to make sure there are no missing or stretched springs, no tears in the mat, and that the frame pad is properly fastened. It is also imperative that the welding on the frame be inspected to make sure there are no cracks. Cracks in the welding can result in serious injury. Department store style trampolines should not be re-welded, as the welding process will weaken the already thin metal causing it to become brittle and increase the risk of breakage.

When used properly trampolines are a fun and safe way for children and adults to stay fit!

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