Rectangular Trampoline

Rectangular shape trampolines are the one that is used in Professional sports for practice and competetions. This trampoline shape is the most commonly used for commercial Trampolines. A rectangle trampoline, by design, will give the highest lift versus the traditional round trampolines. This is due to the springs working at different rates giving the jumper more control over their height and landing. The springs will stretch and pull, depending on whichever part of the mat gets the most tension. Because of the consistent bounce throughout the mat, trampoline competitions are always done on rectangle trampolines. Many athletes of all sports, both amateurs and professionals, will train on rectangle trampolines to build endurance, coordination and agility. Those who start off with round trampolines will eventually want to switch to rectangular trampolines. They are more common amongst athletes, such as cheerleaders, gymnasts, snowboarders, basketball players, wakeboarders etc.

Rectangular Trampoline Sizes

Common Sizes

7 * 10 Feet
8 * 14 Feet
9 * 15 Feet
10 * 17 Feet
14 * 16 Feet
Olympic Size

7 Feet & 0.3 Inches * 14 Feet & 0.5 Inches

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