Trampoline Springs

Our heavy-duty trampoline springs are made of Chrome Polished Galvanized Wire to last much longer than other trampoline springs. Our trampoline springs has a resiliency that is designed for a fantastic bounce. All our trampoline springs are warranted for 1 years conditional to fair usage.

It is advisable to check the springs often. The easiest way to inspect the condition of your trampoline springs is to take them in your hand and shake. The ones that are no longer good will shake with more looseness than the others. Replace trampoline spring if the coil does not return to its normal shape when removed from frame. In general - the springs demand replacement every two to three years. Failing to replace defective trampoline springs make spring failure contagious as neighboring trampoline springs are forced to carry increased load.
,br> Note: Trampoline springs that are over-stretched, loose or have damaged hooks should be immediately replaced.

Spring Sizes:

Spring Size

Trampoline Size Compatibility


90 mm

38,40,48,54,60 Inch Trampoline

135 mm

6,8,10 Feet Trampoline

165 mm

12 & 14 Feet Trampoline

178 mm

16 Feet Trampoline

  • Delhi Trampoline
  • Mumbai Trampoline
  • Banglore Trampoline
  • Chennai Trampoline
  • Gujrat Trampoline
  • NCR Trampoline